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Women’s Health

Treating the whole woman, not the disease

Women’s Health
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How can Women's Health help?

A holistic approach to women's health involves treatment of the whole individual, boosting a woman's own ability to heal her body by helping her find new balance and flow of energy throughout her system. There are many disciplines within the larger category of women's holistic health. Practitioners may focus on holistic hormonal balance, gynaecological services or provide holistic support during pregnancy and birth. The goal in all of these subdisciplines is to focus on a woman's overall wellness, addressing issues that have not been fixed through traditional medical intervention.

The benefits of a Women's Health in a holistic setting

By far, the most significant benefit of holistic women's health is that it takes a gentle and non-invasive approach. Women can also avoid heavy or toxic medications that are often used in western medicine. This can allow for natural remedies and provide a more empowering way for women to achieve better health and wellness.

What to expect at your Women's Health session

The details of your session will vary from practitioner to practitioner, but your appointment will likely begin with your practitioner asking about medical history and performing a medical exam. Based on their observations, your women's health specialist may recommend any number of interventions, including naturopathy, acupuncture, Reiki, or yoga. You may also be prescribed herbal remedies or referred to a Traditional Chinese Medicine specialist.